Drinking and Driving is Illegal in B.C. and Life-threatening

Every year over 75 people are killed in B.C. in alcohol-related car crashes. Drinking and Driving kills more people than any other criminal activity.

The Criminal Code of Canada prohibits anyone from operating a motor vehicle while their ability is impaired by alcohol and/or a drug and/or if their blood/alcohol concentration is Over .08

B.C. laws also prohibits operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol and/or drugs and you can lose your driving privileges if your blood/alcohol concentration is ‘Over .05’.

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If you are operating or have ‘care or control’ of a motor vehicle and have consumed alcohol you are compelled by law to submit to a roadside sobriety test or a breath test. If the breath test results are ‘Over .05’ or you are deemed to be impaired by a qualified assessing officer, you will be prohibited from driving for 72 hours. If you provide a higher roadside breath-test result you may be compelled to submit to further breath-testing or drug impairment testing.

Failing or refusing to submit to a breath-test or drug evaluation carries the same Criminal Code of Canada penalties as impaired driving. If you provide a breath-test that is ‘Over .08’ or refuse to provide a breath-test you are subject to a 90 day Driving Prohibition regardless of whether or not you are subsequently charged or convicted of impaired driving.

Impaired driving is an arrestable offence. If arrested, you may find yourself in jail until you are sober, can be safely released to a responsible person, or taken in front of judge.

In B.C. it is illegal to consume alcohol in a public place (other than a licensed premise) or in a vehicle. The legal drinking age in B.C. is 19 and it is illegal to provide alcohol to minors.

Prevention and diligence are the best deterrents to impaired driving. If you plan to consume alcohol, plan your transportation in advance. The effects of alcohol that make you a dangerous driver are the same effects that diminish your good decision-making when you are drinking.

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