New CRA Fraud Attempt

White Rock

2017-11-22 12:01 PST

File # 2017-5405

White Rock RCMP responded to a report of a Canada Revenue Agency fraudulent phone call with a twist. The fraudster somehow managed to have his call show the complaints husband's phone number and therefore it appeared that the phone call had in fact been made from her husband's cell phone.

The caller identified himself as being a police officer with the White Rock RCMP. He further advised that her husband had been arrested for money laundering and she needed to pay $2330.00 or her husband would be placed in jail for 4 days. The female luckily came to the White Rock Detachment with the fraudster still on the phone and was able to confirm the caller did not work for the RCMP.

Police were unable to trace the call and are reminding the public that the police will NEVER call asking for money in order to keep a loved one out of jail. If you receive a call similar to the one above, do not give out any information and do NOT send money. Hang up and if you are concerned come to the White Rock RCMP who can answer in person any questions you may have.

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