A Few Moments of Preparation Can Go A Long Way to Preventing Theft from Your Vehicle

Richmond, B.C.

2017-12-15 09:58 PST

Richmond RCMP is reminding vehicle owners to be cognizant of opportunistic thieves breaking into vehicles.

The vehicles can be parked on the street, in a parkade, in your driveway, or shopping mall. The common denominator is the presence of something in plain sight that would tempt the thieves.

It is imperative to safeguard your valuables. That means taking the extra few moments to double-check to make sure there is absolutely nothing visible to tempt thieves.

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Two women are walking together through a busy parking lot after doing some shopping at the mall. They are carrying shopping bags full of their purchases and talking to each other.

The women arrive at their car to find the passenger side window smashed. They are shocked by what they have found and very upset. Purchases from previous shopping have been stolen from the front seat.

(Testimonial voice over)

That day we where heading home after doing some shopping and we decided to stop at one more store. We were only gone for ten minutes tops.

When we got back to the car the window was smashed. All our shopping bags and my insurance papers with my personal information had been stolen.

Thinking back to what we had done when we first arrived at the mall...

...I have to admit, it was partially our fault.

We had left our shopping bags for all to see, sitting in the front seat. Though we locked the car doors, we were unaware of the criminal opportunists who lurked nearby.

The criminal male rides his bike through the busy parking lot looking for an opportunity to steal valuables.

The criminal looks inside the vehicle and sees the valuables on the front seat. He uses a sharp tool to smash the front passenger window.

The criminal reaches inside the vehicle and grabs the bags, iPad and cellular phone with ease.

The criminal then opens the glove box and takes the plastic packet that includes the insurance documents.

(Narrator voice over)

Whenever you leave valuable belongings in plain sight in your car, you're inviting thieves to break in.

Thefts from vehicle incidents increase dramatically over the holiday shopping season. It only takes a few seconds....

Your belongings and your car are valuable. Property replacement and repairs to your car cost you money. Worse, your identity can be stolen and the cost of fraud could be significant.

The woman who owns the vehicle that was damaged is being interviewed in a studio setting.

(Testimonial voice over)

I was a victim of identity theft. It took me some time to get my finances back in order and to restore my good credit and name. Not to mention, the cost to replace my stolen items and repair my car were more than 4000 dollars.

Since I had insurance for the stolen valuables and damage to my car I didn't even report the incident to the police. Little did I know my identity had also be stolen that day.

(Narrator voice over)

This situation can happen to anyone.

Now you know. It is your responsibility to protect all your belongings and 'Lock Out Auto Crime'. Keep valuables out of sight and remember to double check you locked your car.

Don't invite criminals to victimize you!

The women are loading bags of their new purchases into the trunk of the car.

If you see something suspicious say something. Report all crime to the Richmond RCMP by calling (604)278-1212 or, in an emergency, 911.

The lock button on the car door clicks down in the locked position.

Stay safe this holiday season and make the smart move to 'Lock Out Auto Crime', every time.

The two women shoppers are driving in their car, talking and laughing.

This is a 'Smart Move' message has been brought to you by the Richmond RCMP.

[end of transcript]


It takes very little time to break a window, reach in, and steal the contents. A shopping bag, purse, wallet, backpack, personal electronics, loose change, It could be stolen in the time it takes you to read this sentence, says Corporal Dennis Hwang.

Thieves are not going to waste their time breaking into a car if there is nothing for them to steal. Don’t make it any easier for thieves. Make sure your vehicle is secured, locked, and valuables kept out of sight. If you notice anyone suspicious looking into vehicles, please contact us immediately.

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